Dealing With The Stages of Tooth Decay

Jun 15, 2018
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Things inside your mouth right now are trying to damage your teeth. The bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities live in your mouth, and they multiply daily.

Things inside your mouth right now are trying to damage your teeth.

The bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities live in your mouth, and they multiply daily. If there are enough of them, they will form plaque and release acids that can eat away at the enamel of your teeth.

While no one wants cavities, more than 90 percent of all people will develop tooth decay at one time or another. Cavities can affect the appearance of your smile, cause tooth sensitivity, and put your teeth at risk.

Everyone at the office of Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, in Boynton Beach, FL wants to help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible. That’s why we offer solutions at every stage of tooth decay.

To take steps to protect your smile, call (561) 877-3802 to schedule an appointment with us soon. We can help whether you need to treat tooth decay or want to prevent cavities from forming.

Prevention is Your Best Option

You don’t want to be sick, just like you don’t want tooth decay.

You also know the things you should be doing to stay healthy — eating a balanced diet, exercising, and practicing good hygiene. Likewise, you already know that you should be doing to reduce your risk of cavities.

Again, eating healthy makes a big difference. If you don’t put a lot of sugar in your mouth, there’s less sugar to provide fuel for cavity-causing bacteria.

Even so, bacteria will feed on food particles and form plaque and tartar if they aren’t removed frequently. That’s why you should brush twice daily. When you brush, using a fluoride toothpaste does more than remove bacteria and plaque. The fluoride also helps to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

Flossing daily is equally important since it’s how you remove food particles and plaque buildup between your teeth and below your gumline.

The final preventive step you should take is scheduling professional dental cleanings a couple times each year.

Filling In

If everyone followed all the steps recommended above, some people would still develop cavities, unfortunately. The fact that a vast majority of people get cavities probably suggest that we are human and don’t always do those things that we know that we should.

With that in mind, you will be happy to know that you can get a tooth-colored dental filling from us. Instead of metal, our fillings are made with a composite resin. After they are placed, hardened, and polished, no one will be able to tell which of your teeth had a cavity.

But our composite fillings aren’t just about looks. They also do the things that all fillings should be able to do — protect teeth against more decay and restore your ability to bite and chew comfortably.

If you have a cavity or you need to replace an old filling, we can give you back your smile and more.

Capping Off Your Smile

Cavities aren’t always easy to see. Depending on where they are located, you may not notice the signs of a cavity until it’s had a chance to grow a bit.

Even then, some people will ignore the signs like increase tooth sensitivity before they seek help. If you are worried about the cost, we offer flexible payment options. If you are worried about pain, we offer sedation options to keep you pain-free.

The problem with waiting is that a filling won’t be enough to repair a tooth damaged by a large cavity. In those circumstances, you are better off with a dental crown.

Crowns are like caps that cover your teeth. With modern materials, your dental crown can look like one of your natural teeth. They also are durable, which means they can last for decades with proper oral care.

In the process of getting a crown, we will remove the decay from your smile, rebuild your tooth, and restore its function.

Getting to the Roots

Tooth decay starts when bacteria damage the enamel of your teeth. Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth and the hardest substance on the human body.

If bacteria keep eating into your enamel, eventually it will reach the softer layer underneath, called dentin. As bacteria continue eating away at your tooth, eventually it will reach the soft connective tissue at the center. This is called pulp.

When pulp is infected it can become inflamed, which can harm the blood vessels and nerves inside your tooth. This can lead to a number of problems, including toothaches, jaw pains, and more.

If people have been putting off dental care before now, this pain is often what gets them to seek help.

With the help of modern tools and sedation dentistry, we can remove the infected tissue from your tooth without causing you any pain. After cleaning and sanitizing the inside your tooth, we can fill it with a special material and cap it with a crown.

This too will alleviate your pain and restore the appearance and function of your tooth.

Removal & Replacement

If the infection has caused too much damage, your best bet may be removing the decayed tooth and replacing it instead.

The longer the decayed tooth remains in your mouth, the greater your odds that the decay could spread. Removing the tooth may be necessary to save the healthy teeth you still have.

However, you also should replace the tooth you’ve lost. The empty space in your smile could lead to bone loss and allow your healthy teeth to shift positions, which can lead to more oral health problems.

By getting a dental implant, you can replace the root of your extracted tooth. The implant can then support a dental crown so your smile looks whole and you can keep eating the foods that you love.

Don’t Let Decay Win

Tooth decay can be devastating if it is allowed to go unchecked. Being proactive about your oral health with good oral hygiene and regular visits to Dr. Rosenblatt’s office is the best way to preserve your healthy smile.

To treat cavities or to prevent decay from stealing your smile, contact us online or call (561) 877-3802 to schedule your next appointment with us!

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