Don’t Let Your Fear Of A Root Canal Steal Your Smile

Jan 13, 2017
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You’ve finally had enough. The pain in your tooth has gotten so bad that you can’t drink your morning coffee without wincing. You know you need a root canal treatment, and you can’t put it off anymore …

You’ve finally had enough. The pain in your tooth has gotten so bad that you can’t drink your morning coffee without wincing. You know you need a root canal treatment, and you can’t put it off anymore …

Unfortunately, that scenario happens far too often for our tastes at the office of Dr. Hugh B. Rosenblatt. Many people let their fears about root canal treatments prevent them from seeking help before the pain becomes unbearable.

We want you to remember one thing about root canal treatments. We do them to stop the pain for our patients at our Boynton Beach, FL, dentist office.

Today, we will be discussing how root canals fit in with restorative dentistry.

If you need one or think you might, please call 561-877-3802 or contact our office online to make an appointment soon.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

The purpose of restorative dentistry is to restore the appearance of your smile and the function of your teeth. Restorative dentistry includes many services including dental fillings, teeth replacements, and root canal treatments.

At the end of a root canal treatment, you should be able to bite and chew your food comfortably again. Likewise, your restored tooth should look and feel natural in your mouth.

Dr. Rosenblatt has been a practicing dentist since he graduated from the Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. He has learned new techniques from continuing education courses and his 18 years of experience. You can count on the highest quality restorative dental care at our office.

Call 561-877-3802 to learn more about our restorative dentistry, including root canal treatments.

What Are Root Canals?

You may have heard someone talking about needing a root canal or having a root canal when they mean root canal treatment.

The root canals are openings in the roots of your teeth. The Panama Canal allows boats to cross from one ocean to another. Likewise, your root canals allow blood vessels and nerves to cross into the pulp chambers at the centers of your teeth.

Pulp is a soft connective tissue. If it becomes infected through contact with bacteria, that pulp can become inflamed. This can put pressure on the nerves, which can be painful.

This also explains why someone with an infected tooth may feel pain while eating. Pressure on an exposed tooth can be painful. Infected teeth also may be more sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets. And in some cases, the pain of a toothache can become constant.

Tooth decay, gum disease, and broken or cracked teeth all can create opportunities for a tooth infection to occur. With early detection, however, you may be able to treat the problem before the pain begins.

This is why we encourage every patient to visit our Boynton Beach, FL, dentist office for routine cleanings and exams.

How Root Canal Treatment Works?

A root canal treatment is done to remove the infection from your tooth. In so doing, we will stop the pain you may already be experiencing from getting worse. We also will be preventing additional pain from developing in that tooth.

The first step in a root canal treatment is creating an opening to the innermost parts of your tooth. Using special tools, Dr. Rosenblatt can remove the infected pulp along with the blood vessels and nerves for that tooth.

The next step is cleaning and sanitizing the root canals and the pulp chamber to minimize your risk of another infection. Then the tooth is filled with a special material that helps it maintain its shape.

In some cases, a dental filling can be used to seal the tooth. In other cases, a dental crown will be a better option to protect the tooth to its original shape and size.

In either case, you should notice reduced pain as you recover. You also should be able to eat and drink like normal when you are healed.

How To Receive A Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment?

During any root canal treatment, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. At a minimum, this means providing you with a local anesthetic. This will number your tooth and the surrounding soft tissues. This way, you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

We also know that dental anxiety affects many people when they hear the words, “root canal.” Even patients who are normally relaxed can become nervous about this treatment.

That why we also offer sedation dentistry. This will stop you from feeling any pain, and it often keeps you from remembering anything about the procedure itself.

Get Your Root Canal Treatment Here

With diligent care, you may never have to worry about having a root canal treatment. If you should developing a tooth infection, we hope you will call Dr. Rosenblatt and our team to remove it for you.

Contact us online or call (561) 877-3802 to schedule an appointment today. Whether you need a routine cleaning or a root canal treatment, we are here for you.

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