Improve Your Social Life With Invisalign

Feb 12, 2018
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You may be dealing with crooked, unattractive teeth like a lot of our patients. If so, you certainly know what it’s like to look in the mirror and be disappointed with your smile.

You may be dealing with crooked, unattractive teeth like a lot of our patients. If so, you certainly know what it’s like to look in the mirror and be disappointed with your smile. But have you thought about how your uneven smile could be holding back socially? Maybe it’s time to visit Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA and let Invisalign improve your social life.

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice about us and one of the things we get judged most critically on. A good smile can go a long way toward making a good first impression, whether it’s just a new friend or your potential soulmate.

Everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud of. Invisalign can give you that smile and help level the playing field in your social and romantic circles.

Do something good for yourself. Call our Boynton Beach office today to schedule your Invisalign consultation: (561) 877-3802.

Learn More About Invisalign’s Benefits

Maybe you grew up when orthodontic treatment meant wearing unsightly metal brackets and wires. Traditional braces were the only choice available to straighten teeth. And there’s nothing wrong with them – they’re time-tested and have worked well for millions of people.

However, many of our patients prefer to have more than one option to correct their teeth. That’s where Invisalign comes in. The Invisalign system consists of clear, plastic teeth aligners instead of metal hardware. They won’t rub, pinch, or poke any sensitive areas of your mouth.

The aligners fit discreetly over your teeth – other people may not even know you have them on. They gently move your teeth without any pain or discomfort. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, then move on to another, slightly different set.

For convenience, we’ll provide you with several sets of aligners at each visit in our office. The first set will be almost identical to the current alignment of your teeth, while the last set will match your new, straight smile.

One of the best features about Invisalign is that you can easily remove your aligners for eating and brushing your teeth. Or if you want to go out with friends or loved ones for the evening feel free to leave you aligners at home! All you have to do is commit to wearing them for about 22 hours a day during your treatment.

Our patients also love Invisalign’s quick time frame – you could have a brand new, straighter smile in about a year! Traditional metal braces are not able to offer that. Two years or longer wearing metal braces is the norm.

Think About Your Future

You’re not alone if you’re an adult and have misaligned teeth causing an imperfect smile. Many of our patients were just like you before they discovered Invisalign.

There are many reasons why people reach adulthood with a crooked smile. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity for braces because of money. Or maybe straight, healthy teeth just weren’t a priority when you were growing up. Maybe, like a lot of our patients, your teeth aren’t all that crooked, but now that you’re older you would like to correct them.

Adulthood is the perfect time to take advantage of Invisalign treatment. As adults we’re out and about in the world, meeting new people and making new friends all the time. Perhaps you’re still on the lookout for that special someone you want to spend your life with.

Whatever your situation, a straight smile can benefit your adult social life perhaps more than any other time in your life. Plus, with Invisalign’s short treatment time, you could have a dramatically improved smile this time next year!

Choose From Several Payment Options

Most of our patients want options to fund the investment in their new smile. That’s why we offer a variety of payment methods to make getting straight teeth easy and affordable. Choose from:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit cards
  • In-office financing

For other financing options, you can also contact specialty healthcare lending firms such as CareCreditLendingClub, and Compassionate Finance.

In addition, we work with several major dental insurance companies. We will file claims for you and accept payment from them on your behalf so you won’t have to worry about any paperwork.

Let Us Help You

Dr. Rosenblatt and his talented staff can help you reach your social goals with Invisalign treatment. Straighter teeth and a healthier smile can give you more confidence and make it easier to approach new potential friends.

Imagine seeing someone across the room smile at you, and not being embarrassed to smile back because you know your teeth are straight and look great!

Isn’t it time to do something about getting the smile you’ve been waiting for? Call our office today at (561) 877-3802 to schedule a consultation. Let Invisalign improve your social life in 2018!

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