Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Boynton Beach, FL

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you’ve had to head to your local dentist in Boynton Beach, FL and get a composite or ceramic filling. Fillings are an important part of basic oral healthcare and something that no one should forget if they have a cavity. A cavity is no big deal, especially if there’s no pain, but leaving a cavity alone and not getting a filling is a bad idea. Fillings are put there to protect your tooth from further damage, and depending on where the cavity is located, it is very important to get one right away. All cavities need to be filled, though. Otherwise, you could end up losing a tooth or worse.

What is the Purpose of Getting a Filling?

The main purpose of a filling is to “fill” the hole left by a cavity, but it does much more than that. Before our dentist at Hugh B Rosenblatt, DMD, PA fills your tooth with composite or ceramic fillings, they will first examine the extent of the damage caused by the cavity. Once this is done, they will remove the decayed material, food debris, and other particles inside the tooth. That way, the tooth is clean and sanitized for the filling.

The filling does more than fill the hole; it is much more important because it keeps your tooth from decaying further. Once you get a cavity, without filling it, the tooth will continue to deteriorate until it crumbles from within. Not only that, it is much more likely that other teeth will get cavities, and they may even develop an infection if the area of the activity isn’t cleaned and sealed properly.

Cavities form because of tooth decay, so not getting filling invites that decay to continue and potentially spread to the rest of your mouth. That’s why a ceramic or composite filling is a very important preventative dental procedure to help save your tooth and prevent other teeth from being harmed simultaneously. Please stop by for your filling with us today.

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