Endodontist in Boynton Beach, FL

Do you have a persistent or severe toothache that seems to be taking over your life? An endodontist in Boynton Beach, FL can help with treatment. At Hugh B Rosenblatt, DMD, PA, we help patients save their damaged teeth, so they don’t need teeth replacement treatments.

A toothache can create a serious health problem if not treated. Our endodontist can diagnose tooth pain’s intricate causes, including root infection. We provide root canal treatment to give you lasting tooth pain relief. You can contact us to discuss your treatment options if you have prolonged tooth or mouth pain.

Who Should See an Endodontist in Boynton Beach, FL?

You should make a trip to our endodontist in Boynton Beach, FL if you experience:

  • Lingering tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold, sweet foods, or heat
  • Unexplained pain within the jaw or mouth
  • Inflammation or swelling near affected gums or teeth

Some tooth pain causes, such as an abscess, can seriously threaten oral health when they remain untreated for a long period. You should, therefore, seek immediate treatment whenever you injure your mouth or have signs of infection.

What to Expect in an Endodontic Treatment?

We evaluate you to establish the cause of your tooth or mouth pain. We may suggest endodontic treatment if bacteria have invaded your tooth’s pulp. We also recommend other procedures, such as tooth extraction and endodontic surgery, such as apicoectomy, where we remove the tip of a tooth’s root.

In root canal therapy, we access the tooth’s chambers and pulp and remove the infected or damaged tissues. We then clean the chambers and the cavities and seal them. We may fit a crown to enhance protection and improve tooth function.

Visit Hugh B Rosenblatt, DMD, PA in Boynton Beach, FL if you have serious tooth pain that doesn’t seem to go away. We have the tools and expertise to combat the pain and restore the integrity of your tooth. This way, we save your tooth from complete loss and delay or avoid getting an extraction and subsequent treatments like dental implants, dentures, and bridges.

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