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Invisalign® offers the chance to achieve a straighter smile without spending a year or longer in traditional metal braces. Hugh B. Rosenblatt, D.M.D., P.A., in Boynton Beach, Florida, is a certified Invisalign provider and loves using this treatment to create functional smiles. Book your consultation online or over the phone today to learn more.

Invisalign Q&A

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that uses clear plastic aligner trays to create the gentle pressure needed to shift teeth into enhanced positioning. An alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is incredibly popular among both teens and adults. 


The ability to correct alignment problems without a gleaming metal grin is a huge benefit, but many people also appreciate the ease of dental hygiene that comes with Invisalign treatment. Metal braces offer a multitude of places for plaque and bacteria to hide, but Invisalign allows you to brush and floss normally.


You can also continue to enjoy the foods you love while you’re in Invisalign treatment. Metal brackets and wires can easily break if you eat hard or sticky foods, and fixing those issues usually means an additional trip to the dentist. With Invisalign, you pop your aligners out during meals and put them back in afterward.  

What kinds of alignment issues can Invisalign address?


Invisalign corrects many of the same alignment problems as traditional metal braces. Some examples of treatable cases include:


  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • General misalignment
  • Mix of permanent and baby teeth
  • Overlapped teeth


During your consultation, Dr. Rosenblatt explains the best treatment options for your unique alignment needs. You can even see what your smile might look like after Invisalign. 

What is the process like with Invisalign treatment?


Your initial visit includes a quick dental exam and intraoral imaging using the iTero™ intraoral scanner. This information feeds into the Invisalign software to create a customized treatment plan. 


Once your first few sets of aligners arrive, you return to learn how to place and remove them. You wear your aligners around the clock, only removing them during meals and while performing oral hygiene routines. 


You switch to a new set of aligners every couple of weeks. This keeps the pressure continuous, shifting your teeth into the best possible alignment. A degree of soreness is normal for a day or two after changing to new aligners but quickly fades. 


Periodic office visits give Dr. Rosenblatt a chance to check on your treatment progress and make adjustments as needed. 


If you’re ready to learn more, scheduling a consultation is easy with phone and online options. You can call Hugh B. Rosenblatt, D.M.D., P.A., during normal business hours or find a time online that fits your schedule.

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